Learning is at the core of how I live my life!

I’ve studied machine learning as part of my graduate studies and through MOOCs.

I’ve founded two companies focused on learning products: Decademy (which I ran for 5 years) and Xathlon (a new startup focused on competitive academics). I hope to change the future of education (and at a more broad level, learning) by leveraging the technological and societal changes taking place to build learning systems that are enjoyable and without friction.

Beyond that, I approach business and life with a focus on experimentation and learning. My core objective for a project is often simply to learn. Learning quickly and with a focus on value provides the energy needed to make things work, and it adds value beyond short term monetary gains.

I even eat and drink with an underlying focus on learning…I love tasting new wines, coffees, and other dishes to build my palette and learn what types of food and drinks I like best, as well as those that pair together the best.

I think that learning will only grow more valued over time with the advent of more powerful artificial intelligence and the increasing prevalence of information as a commodity (which will devalue rote memorization), leading to increased focus on organizational learning as well as new mental models and technology for individual learning. Since learning is so core to who I am, I want to ride that “learning” wave as it grows into the beast it will be!

If you are interested in collaborating on a project focused on learning, or even if you’d just like to chat, please reach out.